Implementation of performance marketing campaigns

After we have created a strategy, we prepare and implement all performance marketing measures.

As a performance marketing agency, we will:

While running performance marketing campaigns, we focus on the following:

  • Individuality: Every performance campaign and objective is tailored to the individual customer.
  • Holistic approach: All measures are designed with a holistic approach in mind, so that they fit together like cogs in a well-oiled machine.
  • Measurability: For each campaign, we apply as many metrics as possible to measure performance. We use the available data to learn what works and optimise the campaign.
  • We take as much time as we need: A good performance campaign needs a certain amount of lead time. Preparing thoroughly lays the groundwork for later success.
  • We are highly focused: We do not let ourselves get sidetracked during the campaign implementation phase. We stay focused. This is how we can deliver the best results, avoid errors and generate the best ideas.


We are a Vienna-based performance marketing agency that helps customers in Germany, Austria and around the globe to implement results-driven online campaigns. To achieve the objectives set, we take care of all the key tasks from strategy planning and campaign implementation through to data analysis and web design.

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