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Landing pages, websites & online shops

Why websites & landing pages play an important role in performance marketing

  • The final metres: Your website is the final phase when you have to convince the user that your company and your offer is the right one. Your website is one of the most important points of contact in the performance marketing process. If you fail to persuade the user with your website, all your other efforts might have been in vain.
  • Maximise campaign efficiency: An ad can only provide limited information about your company and business offer. Your website offers users the chance to get to know your company better. You can use all the tools at your disposal to convince the user and maximise the chances of a conversion. Optimising your website can mean multiplying the benefit of a performance campaign in comparison to a non-optimised website.
  • Gain an edge over the competition: Only a few companies optimise their websites as part of performance campaigns. We can exploit this in performance marketing to get ahead of your competitors.

As a performance marketing agency, we take care of the following tasks relating to websites, landing pages & online shops:

We create the following kinds of websites:

  • Landing pages: If a company’s website contains a lot of information, users can be quickly put off. We set up landing pages and microsites that help to turn users into customers with minimal distraction.
  • Company websites: We can create a new and modern company website which is perfectly oriented towards customer acquisition. We also work with an experienced design agency which can help to spruce up your entire brand as part of the same project.
  • Online shops: If you need an online shop, we will install the e-commerce plug-in WooCommerce on WordPress. This can be used to solve almost all important e-commerce tasks.

Please note: we do not implement apps. There are other companies with specialist knowledge in this area which will be able to help you.

Website creation

This is where we define how we will persuade users to become customers, how the website is to be structured and which functions it will have.

Web design

Based on this plan, we will create an attractive, modern web design which offers the best possible user experience across various devices.

Implementation based on WordPress

We set up websites using WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world.


All website content is created with the aim of turning users into customers in mind. Depending on the project, we also work with graphic designers, video producers and translators and use quality picture material from stock agencies.


Websites often need special functions such as calculators, configurators, reservation tools and similar. We will integrate these tools for you.

Post go-live management

Once the website has gone live, we will do the maintenance and guarantee that the website infrastructure is always up to date.

Do you already have a website?

If you already have a website which meets the requirements for performance marketing, we will give you advice on how to get even more out of it. We can even work together with your web design agency.

How we optimise landing pages to get the best possible results



So that we can find out what users respond to best, we carry out tests on websites by showing users different versions. In this way, we can see which arguments, prices or designs lead to more conversions. The results of these tests are often highly valuable and provide important information about the company's overall strategy.


So that you can analyse the success of your performance marketing campagne on your website, it is important to properly measure all the key parameters. We set up everything here and test whether everything is working as it should. We also check whether everything is in order from a data protection law point of view.

Clear arguments

To convince users of your business offer, we implement a clear strategy for turning those users, step by step, into customers.

Dynamic websites

To convince users to become your customers, you may need to adapt your website to suit the users' personal interests. Dynamic websites have content which adjusts according to user characteristics. This can lead to significant increases in conversion rates.

Modern design

If your website has a contemporary design and offers a great customer experience, it is ready to go for the future. This generates trust and helps to persuade users to buy your products.

Building trust

We use instruments such as customer ratings, testimonials or quality seals to further increase the trust of users. It raises the chance that they will convert.


We are a Vienna-based performance marketing agency that helps customers in Germany, Austria and around the globe to implement results-driven online campaigns. To achieve the objectives set, we take care of all the key tasks from strategy planning and campaign implementation through to data analysis and web design.

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