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Social Ads

Why we use social ads for performance marketing:

  • Precise targeting of user groups: Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram collect a range of data from their users. We can use this data to aim advertisement at very specific target groups. In this way, we can minimise scatter losses and reach the right users.
  • Attractive costs: Most performance campaigns can generate quality traffic at good value. This is an important basic requirement for generating business results with a campaign.
  • Conversion optimisation: Social media advertising platforms are constantly improving their conversion optimisation tools. These mechanisms can be used to make campaigns with social ads more efficient.

As a performance marketing agency, we provide the following social ads services:

Choosing the right social media platforms

To assess whether social ads make sense for your business offer, we will first look which social media platforms we can use to reach your target group.

Creating ads

We will create ads for the performance campaign on the social media platforms and try to draw your target group's attention to the offer you are making.

Setting up campaigns

We will set up the campaign on the advertising platforms and define targeting, budgets and bidding strategies and also set up tests and ads.

Managing & optimising campaigns

As soon as the campaign goes live, we will monitor how the social ads perform and optimise the campaign - always keeping our eyes on the goal of achieving the best result for your company with the campaign.

How we get the best out of social ads in performance marketing


Learning by testing:

We perform tests for each performance campaign so that we can see how to improve campaign performance. With these tests, we analyse how different target groups, ads or offers are performing.

Focus on user quality:

The longer the user interactions on your website are, the higher the chance is generally that you can convince them of your offer. Therefore, user quality is an important optimisation parameter for achieving your performance goals.

Concentrating on your goal:

We always have a specific goal in mind. This is the only way that you can achieve an objective.


We are a Vienna-based performance marketing agency that helps customers in Germany, Austria and around the globe to implement results-driven online campaigns. To achieve the objectives set, we take care of all the key tasks from strategy planning and campaign implementation through to data analysis and web design.

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