Our objective as a performance marketing agency is to use digital marketing to deliver measurable results for our customers.


Do you want to take your company right to the top and see clear results? We could be the agency for you.

As a performance marketing agency, we plan, implement and optimise results-driven marketing measures that really move our customers forward. Just like climbing a mountain, you need the right mindset, careful route planning, a clear objective and sure-footedness.

It's all about the objective

At PEAKFOCUS, we do not compromise when it comes to focusing on our goals. We want to see our customers getting top results. That's why the actions we take are always geared towards achieving the objectives set.

We are at your side for the whole journey

Efficient digital marketing that gets results is only possible if the entire sales process has been diligently planned, managed and optimised.

We deliver measurable results

As a performance marketing agency, our primary goal is to deliver measurable results for our customers. Customers may wish to generate queries, revenues, traffic or other results.

Projects have to inspire us

As a rule, we only take on projects which interest us. Only if we are truly inspired by something can we get the best possible outcome for our customer.

Honest opinions

When it comes to getting companies where they want to be, it is sometimes necessary to give a brutally honest opinion. It might be uncomfortable sometimes, but it is a must.

We work transparently

We always play with open cards. We are completely transparent in the way we handle advertising costs and provide a clear breakdown of the services rendered.

We have the right experience

We have years of experience working on projects across all kinds of industries. We understand out customers and their needs - this helps us to better achieve their objectives.

No adhesion contracts

We know that we're good at what we do. We don't need any tricky contracts to keep our customers. We simply have a standard retainer period of 3 months at the start of our cooperation: this is how long it takes to see the first results of a campaign. After this period, customers can terminate our cooperation at any time they want.

Independent and proud of it

We are two free-thinkers. Our agency is and will remain owner-run. We do not accept any commissions from any media. We are always open to new solutions to improve performance for our customers' benefit.

We love a challenge

We love challenging projects where we can leverage all our knowledge and experience to achieve a certain aim. These projects help us to learn even more so we can expand our service offer.

As a performance marketing agency, we can...

How we get you to the summit.

With these 3 steps, our agency helps you to achieve your objective.

Working with our performance agency can take many forms.

You outsource all performance marketing tasks to us and we do everything required to achieve the objectives you have set. We do the planning, implementation, management, analysis and optimisation for all performance activities.

This type of cooperation is ideal if you want to plan, implement and optimise performance marketing measures in-house, but don’t yet have the know-how to do it. We provide coaching to you and your employees to get you in the right shape to tackle the summit as an independent, strong team. Even if you hit problems on the way and get stuck, we can provide the right help and advice.

We work with your current agency (e.g. web design agency, creative agency) to get you to your goal. As a performance agency, we will take on planning and implementation tasks. We will also take care of the evaluation and optimisation of marketing measures.

Performance Marketing Agentur - Möglichkeiten der Zusammenarbeit mit uns

Here are the tools we use to get you to the summit.

We have a range of marketing tools that we can use to achieve objectives set. Which ones we use depends on the challenge.

Here are some of the most important tools at our disposal:

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Good search engine advertising manages to address target groups exactly. That's why it is an important cornerstone of many performance campaigns. Find out more

Social Media Ads

Social media networks collect large volumes of data. This data can be used to your advantage by targeting user groups precisely. An ideal prerequisite for performance marketing. Find out more


Once we have found where we can achieve results with search engine advertising, we look how we can get a better position for the website in the non-paid search results. Our customers become less dependent on advertising and reap the benefits of greater visibility. Find out more

Display Advertising

Display advertising can also deliver good results as part of performance marketing. It requires precise orientation, reasonable costs and good quality advertising environments. Find out more

Landingpages, Websites & Online Shops

Addressing target groups right is of no use if users go to your website and are disappointed. We can help you with web design and content creation to make sure your website helps to turn users into customers. Find out more

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programmes allow you to compensate website operators and influencers adequately for bringing business your way.


Just like mountain climbing, you sometimes need several attempts to get to the top. We use remarketing to get back into contact with interested parties and existing customers.

Email Automation

Sending emails to interested parties is often an advantage during the acquisition process. However, it is important to make sure that these emails provide added value, aren't too intrusive and are tailored to the recipient. So that this works smoothly without costing too much, we use tools such as automated email.

Analysis, Tests & Optimisation

To properly measure results, optimise the process and understand users, we have to collect as much data as possible. We use state of the art testing and analysis tools to do this.

About us.

Whether in business or in our free time – we love a good challenge. As a well-coordinated team, we apply our different strengths to take projects to a successful conclusion.

Christian Wagner

Performance marketing strategy + implementation
Data analysis & optimisation
Campaign planning & management
Web design


Katharine Eyre

International campaigns
Search engine advertising
Search engine optimisation

Talented long-time cooperation partners further strengthen our performance marketing agency and adds additional expertise to our work.

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We are a Vienna-based performance marketing agency that helps customers in Germany, Austria and around the globe to implement results-driven online campaigns. To achieve the objectives set, we take care of all the key tasks from strategy planning and campaign implementation through to data analysis and web design.

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