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Display Advertising

To be successful, display advertising must meet these requirements in performance marketing

  • Costs in relation to the chance of generating business: So that display advertising can achieve good results, the costs must bear a direct relation to the chance of achieving a conversion.
  • Precise targeting of the target group: So that we can convince people of your business offer using display advertising, it is important to speak directly to your target group. This can be done by displaying ads on websites which are relevant for the target group or conducting interest-targeting.
  • Attractive advertising environments: Most advertising networks also have a lot of bad quality placements on offer. These placements cost money, but mostly do not generate any business. Therefore, quality must always be the top priority.

As an agency, we provide the following display advertising services:

Choosing the right advertising environments

First, we evaluate what advertising networks can be used to best reach the target group.

Creation of ads

We create attractive display ads for your performance campaign which effectively communicate your advertising message to the target group.

Setting up display campaigns

We get the display campaign into the starting blocks and set everything up, from targeting to the budget or tests.

Campaign monitoring & optimisation

As soon as the campaign goes live, we will monitor how the ads are being displayed, analyse the data and optimise the campaign.

How we get the best results from display advertising in performance marketing


We use advertising networks

In der Regel nutzen wir für Displaykampagnen Werbenetzwerke, da wir hier gute Möglichkeiten zum Targeting haben und den Traffic zu einem guten Preis-Leistungsverhältnis erwerben können.

Different advertising strategies

As with other performance marketing measures, it is important to conduct tests as part of display advertising. It is only by conducting tests that we can learn which strategies, ads or targeting strategies are helping to achieve your objective.

Monitoring user quality

So that display campaigns can deliver results, you must be sure that you are reaching quality users. Using website statistics, we analyse how long users are interacting with the website. The better the quality of the users, the higher the chance that your campaign objective will be achieved.


We are a Vienna-based performance marketing agency that helps customers in Germany, Austria and around the globe to implement results-driven online campaigns. To achieve the objectives set, we take care of all the key tasks from strategy planning and campaign implementation through to data analysis and web design.

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